Report Preview: Microbiome Diversity Through the Lifestages

Opportunities for products that modulate the human gut microbiome...

This report focuses on the opportunities for products that modulate the human gut microbiome. Special emphasis is placed on products that target different life stages which aim to diversify the microbiota, since this appears to confer a high degree of disease resistance and optimum metabolic functioning.

Quick facts:

  • The composition of the microbiome varies over a lifetime. A microbiome with a high degree of species diversity appears to be protective of disease and therefore microbiome modulation is set to emerge as a major prevention as well as a therapeutic strategy. The precise protocol will necessarily vary, depending on life stage, gender, personal circumstances and individual goals/preferences.
  • Young women are the group most affected by IBS. A reduced microbiome diversity appears to be implicated in the the condition. Consumer satisfaction with probiotic products positioned at IBS sufferers is fairly high, but could still do with some improvement.
  • Young males tend to be hard to reach with health and wellness messages, and our research has shown that their engagement with probiotics is considerably lower than women’s. Sports nutrition products present a viable vehicle, since this category exerts a high appeal over this group. At present, only 2% of the sports nutrition protein powders captured by our research featured probiotic ingredients. We also found that the number of strains employed in sports nutrition products remains very limited.

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  • Scope & Key Findings
  • Why is the Microbiome Garnering Interest?
  • The First 1000 Days
  • Young Adult Challenges
    • The Gut at War: IBS
    • Sporting Pursuits
    • Weight Management
  • Active Seniors
  • Future Outlook


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