Beer, Wine & Spirits Deep Dive 2020

The beers, wines and spirits category is key to the convenience retail industry, with retailers perfectly placed to support shoppers on a wide range of missions. There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted shopper behaviour, with big social gatherings banned and the temporary closure of the hospitality industry. That being said, convenience retail is in the perfect position to capitalise on the opportunities that theis offers.

The report analyses purchasing behaviour for BWS within the convenience channel, including the shopper profile of each, the role of online vs. instore purchasing and drivers to purchase. We then hone on two key emerging sectors: Low2No and hard seltzers, as well as unpicking the impact of coronavirus and the likely legacies from the pandemic in terms of alcohol consumption.

Invaluable insight to help you maximise your opportunity within BWS in convenience

  • How to win with each BWS category in UK
  • Who is the beer vs. wine vs. spirits shopper in the
    convenience channel?
  • The role of online vs. instore purchasing
  • Drivers to purchase BWS in c-stores
  • Barriers to purchase
  • Price expectations for premium alcoholic drinks
  • How open are consumers to different types of NPD?
  • How important is sustainability and social issues when purchasing alcohol?
  • How has coronavirus impacted drinking habits?
  • What will be the legacy consumer behaviours following coronavirus?
  • What is the role of different pack formats?
  • How do shoppers define Low2No?
  • What motivates shoppers to buy Low2No drinks?
  • What are the driver to purchasing the category in c-stores?
  • What are the key consumer occasions for Low2No?
  • What are the most important motives for consuming hard seltzers?
  • How to drive the hard seltzer shopper in store
  • What are the key consumer occasions for hard seltzers?
  • What factors have the most influence on purchasing behaviour when retailers are deciding
    to stock a new product?
  • What do retailers want to see from suppliers, including use of technology in depot?
  • How can suppliers boost impulse purchasing amongst retailers?
  • What factors do retailers take into consideration when buying BWS?
  • How do retailers craft their range?
  • How much influence do promotional offers have on retailer decisions to shop with a wholesaler?

Benefits to your business

This report is ideal for drinks suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to better understand consumer needs and wants in the category and therefore how to win with shoppers.

Gain a full understanding on emerging categories. What do shoppers expect? How big are the opportunities for your brand?

Get under the skin of the convenience store retailer to understand how, why and where there purchase BWS products.

Examine the who, what, where, when and why of convenience store BWS shopping to get under the skin of the shopper and consumer.

How have shoppers responded to coronavirus and the restrictions of shopping, as well as not being
able to eat out?

Align your channel strategy to the trends in the market – understand where best to invest your time, people and money.

Do trends in the market align to proposed areas of investment?

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