Immunity, inflammation, oral health and respiratory probiotics

Published April 2020. For this report, Lumina Intelligence considered probiotics positioned only to support immunity, inflammation, oral health and respiratory. This included 1116 products in 25 countries on five continents across probiotic supplements, juice,  kombucha and cosmetics

This report provides a top line market overview highlighting countries with the largest prevalence of such probiotic products and corresponding online customer engagement.

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What this report gives you:

  • Online engagement across leading brand owners and brand variants ranked by number of customer reviews attributed to immunity, oral health and respiratory (IIOR) positioned probiotics.
  • How products containing ingredients from particular suppliers are received by consumers.
  • An analysis of species and proprietary strains present in formulations of IIOR probiotics.
  •  An overview of the prevalence of immunity, inflammation, oral health and respiratory health claims.
  • Examples of products with explicit mentions of inner ear, nose and throat support and upper respiratory tract infections.
  • An index of related science studies.

Quick facts:

  • Over 1000 immunity probiotics saw a spectacular 786% growth in online customer reviews in two years (December 2017 – January 2020) to reach 1.8 million across 25 countries.
  • Consumer interest in inflammation probiotics is fast rising with reviews up by 768%  – from a small base of 50 products.
  • Oral health suffered from the largest number of product withdrawals (14%) between Dec 2017 and Jan 2020.
  • Immunity positioned probiotics are the lowest priced (under US$16 per pack), whilst being formulated with the largest daily dose of bacteria (over 20 bn CFU).

Preview – 3 slides of 51:


  • Immunity, inflammation, oral health and respiratory (IIOR) probiotics – global overview
  • Health claim analysis
    • Immunity probiotics: USA, South Africa, India, China
    • Immunity for seniors
    • Inner ear, nose and throat probiotics and inflammation
  • Scientific studies – review

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