Eating & Drinking Out Panel

Stay ahead by understanding how the latest developments in the out of home market are affecting consumer behaviour and trends with our robust consumer data.

Get a full picture of out of home food & drink consumption in the UK

Understand consumer behaviour, trends, drivers of change and key perceptions across all UK eating and drinking out channels.

Track consumer behaviour

Track the impact of changes in the out of home market by monitoring consumer behaviour across all UK eating and drinking out channels with our continuous data platform.

Understand the evolution

Understand how consumer behaviour in the out of home market is evolving. Identify early opportunities, explain current business performance and forecast the future.

Analyse your target consumer

Analyse specific consumer behaviour by running your own queries using our intuitive platform, which gives you access to demographic breakdowns, analysis of the food & drink consumed, barriers to eating out – and much more.

Gain a granular understanding of your consumer and their consumption behaviour

Align your business strategy with your target consumers’ needs.

Get answers to the business-critical questions with data you can trust.

Who? Demographic profiles of the out of home consumer

Where? Channels and brands visited

Why? Missions, needs and barriers

What? Consumption patterns and full detail of food & drink items

When? Daypart, time of day, day of week, seasonal trends

How? How satisfied customers are?

Comprehensive coverage of all out of home food & drink channels

Track consumer behaviour across both traditional and emerging channels.

  • Retail
  • QSR
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Catering
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
across dine in, FTG, Click & Collect, takeaway and delivery

Tap into the UK’s most comprehensive measurement of out of home consumption behaviour

Lumina Intelligence Eating & Drinking Out panel is based on 78,000 surveys across the year, built up from a nationally representative weekly sample of 1,500 shoppers. Our comprehensive coverage includes over 900 operators from across all out of home channels – including restaurants, pubs and bars, cafes and coffee shops, fast food, bakery & sandwich, restaurants and retail channels. We cover dine-in as well as food & drinks consumed on the go, delivered, takeaway and click & collect.

consumers surveys a year (1,500 each week)
operators across all out of home channels
OOH channels – comprehensive coverage

Use our intuitive platform to access critical consumer data in seconds

Create and export your custom dashboards or access pre-made dashboards to gain an understanding of consumer behaviour through data stories.

Track key KPIs through interactive dashboards or create your own customised view. Examine specific consumer behaviour by running your own queries from Lumina Intelligence Eating & Drinking Out Panel data, selecting the desired timeframe and/or channel/brand and dive deep into:

  • Participation levels
  • Visit share performance
  • Spend by channel and day-part
  • Changes in category performance
  • Brand and competitor performance
  • Customer profiles and satisfaction measures

Track key KPI’s through interactive dashboards, pre-set for your convenience, with the ability to filter to different brands or channels at the touch of a button.

The quarterly downloads will provide you with the latest insights and trends from the latest 12 weeks of data so you can easily identify significant changes in key metrics and understand what that means for you and your business. These reports are accessible by anyone in your business allowing stakeholders of all levels to ensure the data and insights is usable across all areas of your business.

Case Study: Discover how Mondelez utilises the Eating and Drinking Out Panel data

See how Mondelez uses Lumina Intelligence’s research programmes to gain an understanding of their customers and markets and contextualise snacking within the total out of home market.

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