Menu & Food Trends Report 2019

Based on thousands of data points, Lumina Intelligence’s Menu & Food Trends Report drills down on UK menus’ composition, pricing and engineering, as well as on current eating out behaviour and the trends to watch out for.

In 2019, underlying motivations revolve around health & wellness – from healthier food & drink choices to sensible spending and sustainability.


This comprehensive report covers:

Menu composition

  • New dishes flagged on menus
  • Evolution of product counts
  • Mains protein share and protein dish types by channel
  • Labeling of dietary requirements incl. vegetarian & vegan

Menu pricing

  • Menu price movements by channel and course
  • Top price rises on same-line dishes by channel, operator and course

Key trends

  • An overview of 8 leading megatrends
  • Menu insights for each trend
  • How operators are adapting to these megatrends
  • The implications of these trends on the market
  • The outlook for these trends in 2019 and beyond

Menu engineering

  • Price movements for same-line dishes
  • Average price increases by brand
  • Consumer perceptions of price changes vs value
  • Psychological pricing (£#.#9, £#.#5, £#.#0)
  • Price point patterns and differences London vs regions
  • Psychological phrasing/menu descriptors and impact on pricing

Consumer insight

  • Insight trends by dishes, cuisines, age, and channel
  • Up to date consumer data to support the key trends affecting the market

Menu trends

  • Cuisine hotspots and food & drink trends
  • Macro-factors affecting trends
  • New product development on menus displaying operator responses to key trends