UK Eating Out Market Report 2021

The Lumina Intelligence UK Eating Out Report 2021 is the trusted source of insight for UK leading manufacturers and operators.

This definitive report quantifies the size and growth of the channel and market forecasts out to 2024, with a detailed look at growth drivers and potential inhibitors.


The most comprehensive overview of the UK Eating Out market

Quantify the size of the UK eating out market and the key drivers and inhibitors of recent performance.

  • What is the value of the market?
  • How does this vary by channel?
  • How is the market evolving?
  • What is forecasted for 2021?
  • What is driving these changes?

An overview of the competitive landscape including physical expansion, financial performance and market positioning analysis.

  • What are the current attitudes of consumers towards eating out?
  • How have these attitudes changed over time
  • What impact has coronavirus had on the future intentions of consumers towards eating out?
  • How are consumer demands evolving?
  • Which channels are most popular with consumers?
  • How often do they eat out?
  • How much do they spend?
  • Why do consumer choose to eat out?
  • What are the barriers preventing consumers from eating out more frequently?

What will the recovery of the sector look like? What opportunities will it bring for 2021? Understand where you should invest your resources & plan for the future. Get access to:

  • What are the drivers for eating out?
  • What are the inhibitors?
  • What is the economic outlook?
  • How will market recovery look from 2021F-2024F?
  • What is the size of the prize for the leading channels?

How to use this report?

Quantify the size and growth of the eating out market to benchmark your own performance.

Align your channel strategy to the trends in the market – understand where best to invest your time, people and money

Fully understand the competitive landscape with our extensive review – what can you learn and apply?

What could recovery of the sector look like? What trends will be important in 2021?

How have consumers responded to coronavirus and not being able to eat out?

Get under the skin of the eating out consumer to better meet their current and future needs.

Unparalleled source of the UK eating out market intelligence

  • Consumer eating out behaviour data based on 78,000 surveys across the year from Lumina Intelligence’s Eating & Drinking Out Panel.
  • Extracts from Lumina Intelligence Operator Data Index and synthesis with wider market sizing databases.
  • A bespoke consumer survey analysing attitudes towards eating out and what the impact of the
    coronavirus will be on future intentions to eat out
  • Desk research: news articles and trade press, company websites and industry associations.
Eating and drinking out consumer surveys
Performance for 700+ hospitality operators

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