A unique understanding and database of e-commerce analytics within the B2B (Wholesale) online environment

Lumina Intelligence Partners

Our e-commerce expertise covers

  • We work with the UK’s leading wholesalers, who have given us unlimited access to their web and app analytics – over 3 million individual retailer sessions annually
  • This allows us to provide clear and actionable e-commerce insights that are based on the most robust data available within this market.
  • Annual Report published covering trends, shopping platform, SEO, promotional mechanics, taxonomy and best in class examples
  • Additional customer-specific project work regularly undertaken to dig deeper into category or wholesaler specific opportunities
  • Wholesaler online consultancy and support – for those at any stage of their e-commerce development

Insight Solutions

  • Build a customer-centric, data-led eCommerce strategy to unlock digital sales and profit
  • Enhance your online presence through search optimisation, improved taxomony, more effective media activation and more targeted investment
  • Identify the most effective touchpoints to engage with wholesale customers across both web and app shopping journeys
  • Understand the key principles to follow in order to develop a successful B2B eCommerce strategy and, importantly, how this should differ from B2C strategies
Craig Brown
JW Filshill
Retail Sales Director

Here at Filshill we use the HIM (Lumina) e-comm dashboard on an ongoing basis to monitor category performance and isolate particular categories where we can see a commercial opportunity in online development. We then engage with suppliers to work collaboratively to address these opportunities which have been identified

Dean Mcelwee
European E-commerce leader

The Wholesale eCommerce report that HIM (Lumina) produced in 2019 was a really insightful actionable deck. The data they have is unique and we have used this within Kellogg across the UK and Europe to develop a strategy

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