Menu Tracker

Analyse menu and pricing trends to make data-driven decisions. Compare brands, cuisines and ingredients with menu engineering software analysing over half a million menu items. Save 600+ hours of data collection and validation every season.

Lumina Intelligence Partners


  • Database of over half a million menu items
  • Compare your menus side by side with other brands
  • Saves 600+ hours of data collection and validation every season
  • Information from 150+ brands
  • Updated for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter menu changes annually, 4+ years of historical data for monitoring trends
  • All categorised by channel, brand, season, cuisine type, course, time of day, price, region and promotion
  • Filter dishes by dietary requirement, core component, cuisine, flavour, size/weight/qty and supporting items

To access the Menu Tracker service you will need a username and password. For a demo, quotation, and to get setup, please contact

Example of the type of insight available

  • What is the % pricing variance for a starter in London vs the North?
  • How many traditional fast food restaurant dishes contain mayonnaise?
  • What’s the most popular pizza topping in the £5.00-£9.99 price point?
  • How does my pricing compare with my competitor set?
  • How has the protein component of meals and the increase in vegetarian alternatives changed in the last 3 years?
  • What % of menus have a gluten-free option?
  • What price/product gaps exist in my region?
  • How many new or promotion-led items are in this seasons menus?

Examples of the monthly insight pieces included with a Menu Tracker subscription

Chain restaurant
menu inflation

Focus on Cheese

New product development

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