Symbol Track

The industry standard when it comes to reporting for the UK’s leading convenience symbol groups. Symbol Track provides measurement & benchmarking of operator satisfaction metrics.

Lumina Intelligence Partners

The Symbol Track subscription includes

  • Annual Survey of symbol group retailer perceptions and performance ratings of their groups
  • Measurement and benchmark reporting on symbol operator satisfaction metrics
  • Customer profiling to understand purchase behaviour and attitudes by fascia
  • Define & understand customer KPIs and metrics
  • Track performance change over time to measure impact of business initiatives
  • SWOT analyses to identify strengths and weaknesses of individual groups to tailor your strategy

Insight Solutions

  • Analysis to highlight symbol group’s service improvements and areas to focus on and invest in going forward.
  • Analyse your own data thought interactive & customisable data
  • Third party endorsement for symbol group performance, which can be used for PR and marketing purposes as well as financial reporting
  • Report format and tailored workshop delivery solutions
  • Dedicated support via our expert client development team
  • Tailored bespoke solutions to explore deeper analysis.

Discover the difference our Symbol Track data can make to your business.