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Chief Business Development Officer Jordi Riera explains how Lumina helps AB-Biotics benchmark products on the market and prioritise their development pipeline.



Product Manager Silvia Castegnaro explores how ROELMI HPC use Lumina Intelligence to better understand the probiotics market at a global and country level.



Global Marketing Specialist for B2B Microbiome Solutions Daniel Ramon Calvo explains how Lumina Intelligence helps ADM form fact-based solutions and decisions.


Credition Dairy

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Crediton Dairy is one of the UK’s leading dairy drinks businesses, producing a range of chilled milk drinks, iced coffee drinks and long life milks & creams.


Post Office

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Post Office is the UK’s largest retail network and the largest financial services chain in the UK with more branches than all of the UK’s banks and building societies put together.



Business Analyst Tommaso Spinelli explains how Lumina Intelligence helps Centro Sperimentale del Latte evaluate the probiotics market.



See how Britivic’s subscription to Lumina Intelligence research data gave them the ability to get to the level of information they needed, as well as the opportunity to link the data back to the soft drink market.


DCS Group

See how DCS Group utilises Convenience Tracking Programme and Channel Pulse data for an in-depth overview of the convenience market and ever-changing shopper behaviour.



See how Mondelez uses Lumina Intelligence’s research programmes to get the understanding of their customers and markets and the position of snacking within the market.


Atlantia Food Trials

Marketing Executive Irene Cisma Díaz explains how Lumina Intelligence helps the company make strategic decisions more effectively.

Jordi Riera AB-Biotics
Jordi Riera
Chief Business Development Officer

To track probiotic ecommerce, this is the best tool we’ve tried. At the end of the day, it covers a lot of countries and products without losing accuracy. We always keep an eye on Lumina for anticipating the trends in probiotics. We have a very broad pipeline of development and always need to prioritise – we rely on these trend reports to sometimes decide on what we develop first.

Silvia Castegnaro ROELMI HPC
Silvia Castegnaro
Product Manager

Lumina Intelligence helped me understand better probiotic supplement position not only at a global level but also going deeper, showing the trends related to a specific country region. It is a really completed platform that gives you an idea of the probiotic market, not only for supplements, but also for fermented food and cosmetics.

Daniel Ramon Calvo ADM
Daniel R. Calvo
Global Marketing Specialist B2B Microbiome Solutions

Lumina provides us which some key differentiating elements which are really useful for us. For example, which suppliers are behind each one of the already existing products on the market. With Lumina we get real data and the confidence that the people working behind the data are people that know the market. This, given the situation in the probiotics market nowadays, is really quite unique.

Irene Atlantia Foods
Irene Cisma Diaz
Atlantia Food Trials
Marketing Executive

I would strongly recommend Lumina for any company within the probiotics and sports nutrition sector, as well as any other related company operating in those markets. The tool offers integrated and quality information needed to take efficient decisions and hence, compete in these highly dynamic markets.

Tommaso CSL
Tommaso Spinelli
Centro Sperimentale del Latte
Business Analyst

We were seeking a way to evaluate the probiotics market in terms of market value, products, product labelling, strains used, and how developing trends differ by target population and application. Lumina Intelligence has provided us with the data to do this. We can now better evaluate the direction of trends and different applications based on target populations; it’s become a critical tool for us.