DCS Group: Utilising Extensive Market and Shopper Data

DCS GROUP UK is the official distributor for P&G, Gillette, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, J&J, SC Johnson, Cussons and many more household names. A UK Top 250 privately owned company, founded by Denys C Shortt OBE in 1994, DCS now has annual sales of £230m and employs 320 people.

What Lumina Intelligence solutions did you choose and why?

Convenience Tracking Programme (CTP) due to the extensive data and insights provided on the convenience market. Channel Pulse data was also selected due to the consistent tracking of the changing shopper behaviour during coronavirus lockdown.

What problem did you hope Lumina Intelligence would solve?

DCS Group had a customer meeting to help retailers and wholesalers understand the opportunities of Baby Care in convenience and wanted insights to provide their customers with market knowledge with a third-party view on the category.

How has Lumina Intelligence helped solve that problem?

The Lumina Intelligence team attended a customer meeting between DCS Group and their customers and presented insights on the convenience market and Baby Care performance in the channel to support the discussion.

These insights provided advice on how to target existing Baby Care shoppers while highlighting the opportunities on how to increase product sales based on key trends within the category and shopper missions.

DCS Group used these insights to introduce a new convenience strategy and strengthen their product sales and increasing ROI. This presentation was well-received by DCS Group customers and helped to strengthen working relationships with retailers and wholesalers.

The Bottomline

How Lumina Intelligence helped DCS Group?

Introduce a new convenience channel strategy
Strengthen DCS Group product sales and increase ROI
Strengthen working relationships with retailers and wholesalers

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