COVID-19: A Game Changer for Probiotics

This paper examines how the pandemic has impacted post-purchase consumer engagement with probiotics, the role of probiotics in defending against infections and opportunities in the market.


Gut-Brain: The Rise of Psychobiotics

This paper assesses the future impact of “psychobiotics,” how they are received by consumers and what strategies brands may adopt in positioning and promoting these products to their potential audience.


Life Stage Probiotics in a Digital World

In this paper we examine consumer engagement and the move towards life stage probiotic products, based on data collected in December 2017, June 2018 and December 2018.


Market Insights on Probiotics for Women’s Health

This white paper examines the dynamics of online retailing and how this new digital playing field relates to female-focused probiotic products that form a growing piece of the global probiotic supplements pie.


The Rise of Plant Protein in Sports Nutrition

This paper highlights the key trends that strengthen this development and explores ways, in which manufacturers can succeed in differentiating their products, with a focus on the future.


Certification and Company Programmes Compared

Focusing on tea, coffee and cocoa, this paper examines what companies are now committed to and how transparency on company programmes and third-party certification standards differ.


Decoding the Post Lockdown Eating Out Market – Five Factors to Consider

The coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on UK eating out sector. However, pockets of opportunity remain for operators and suppliers to capitalise on, which are outlined in this whitepaper.


Five Reasons Why Wholesale Online Channel Needs Your Attention

Featuring detailed insights from the recently launched Lumina Intelligence Wholesale Online (Retail) Report 2020, this whitepaper highlights five reasons why the wholesale online channel needs your attention.


Five Trends To Impact the Grocery Retail Sector In the 2020s

Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, grocery retail has risen to the task. Has this changed the way we shop? Will there be any lasting legacies that will impact the next decade?


On-Trade/Off-Trade: a Balancing Act for Drinks’ Suppliers

In this whitepaper we consider how consumers have responded to government restrictions in 2020 in terms of their drinking habits and the interplay between the on- and off-trade sectors.


The Market for Organic Tea, Coffee and Chocolate

In this report, we delve into Lumina’s data haul on organic tea, coffee and chocolate brands in 20 countries. From this data, we will track differences in certification, engagement, retail prices and availability.


Surviving Lockdown 3.0: An Operator Perspective

In this whitepaper, we highlight the potential impact of Lockdown 3.0 on hospitality operators. How reliant are operators on government support? Can they survive if they have to remain closed until May 2021?


The Last Mile: What We’ve Learnt In Lockdown 3.0

Understand the delivery consumers and their motivations, key players in the delivery space and the future of delivery from restaurants, takeaway outlets, cafes, coffee shops and grocery stores.


Low2No Alcohol Report 2021

As part of the Low2No Bev show, we were delighted to launch an exclusive insight report dedicated to the Low2No category.


Top of Mind Bitesize Report

Use this report to compare your market outlook against the rest of the market and identify the growth opportunities that your colleagues and peers are focusing on.