The price-to-satisfaction axis: Protein powder pricing in sports nutrition

Published July 2019. In this report, Lumina Intelligence explores the pricing trends in protein powders in sports nutrition products online, across the 20 countries covered in our research. The report will explore general engagement by country, how countries score products, where brands sit in the pricing and consumer sentiment matrix, how price influences consumer engagement, and what the factors affecting different price points are.


What this report tells you:

  • A summary of pricing for protein powders, including relationships with customer satisfaction and online engagement, with regional trends pinpointed and explored.
  • The price to satisfaction axis: Pricing from different brands compared side-by-side with consumer scoring for 20 countries.
  • Factors of pricing including ingredients, labelling, target population and more.
  • A brief exploration of the direct-to-consumer model that has emerged in the sports nutrition space over the past few years.
  • Recommendations for businesses looking to warrant higher price points without alienating consumers.

Quick facts:

  • Protein powders most commonly price between $0.6-$0.8 a serving. The premium end of the sector drags the average serving cost up to $1.28 a serving.
  • Clean label products are priced on average 26% more per serving than products which don’t make a claim. The claim which warrants the highest price in protein powders is “no banned substances”.
  • Protein powders targeted towards women cost the most per 100g, holding a 28% premium when compared to products targeting general demographics.
  • Movement towards direct-to-consumer model has driven prices down in protein powders overall. Cost saving derived from the direct-to-consumer model is changing the shape of Sports Nutrition.



  • Pricing trends: An introduction
  • Brands pricing and consumer satisfaction by country
  • Factors of pricing
  • The direct-to-consumer model
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Total slides: 45

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