Atlantia Food Trials

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is a world class company in delivering clinical studies: they perform acute, observational and intervention studies to ICH-GCP standards for the functional foods and beverages, supplements, sport nutrition, pre- and probiotics and microbiome-based therapeutics sectors.

“With Lumina Intelligence, we can take decisions faster, obtain reports and data for our online marketing strategy, as well as keep our company updated with the latest trends within these markets.” – Irene Cisma Díaz, Marketing Executive

What problem did you hope Lumina Intelligence would solve?

We needed information in terms of regulation, market research and product data to develop different tools to make strategic decisions more efficiently.

How has Lumina Intelligence helped solve that problem?

Lumina offers us a centralised source of information for the sports and probiotics markets, not just in terms of marketing but also related to regulation and scientific research updates.

What features of Lumina offer the most value to Atlantia Foods?

Some of the reports and market reviews have a comprehensive amount of information. If we wanted to obtain such information, we would have to spend a considerable amount of time researching as well as subscribing to different services. Lumina provides us all the information we need integrated in one single tool.

Any other comments that Lumina Intelligence can take on board going forward?

We would be delighted to have Lumina expanded to other market segments we operate on. It would be interesting for Atlantia, as service provider of those sectors, to have some more targeted information, specifically in terms of clinical data, results of clinical trials in probiotics and sports nutrition.

The Bottomline

How does Lumina Intelligence help Atlantia Foods day-to-day?

Access to reports & data for online marketing strategy
Keeping updated with latest trends in chosen markets
Being able to take decisions faster in highly dynamic markets
Irene Atlantia Foods
“I would strongly recommend Lumina for any company within the probiotics and sports nutrition sector, as well as any other related company operating in those markets. The tool offers integrated and quality information needed to take efficient decisions and hence, compete in these highly dynamic markets.”