Probiotics & the First 1000 Days nutrition: 25-market analysis

Focus on the ability of early life nutrition to significantly alter health outcomes for infants, children and on into later life has been building for decades. Probiotics are playing a growing role as probiotic science expands into areas of the microbiome, personalised nutrition and shows promise to reduce mortality in the developing world.

This report examines factors and trends driving the infant and pregnant/breastfeeding women’s probiotics category and scrutinises increasingly online-engaged consumers and their often make-or-break role in product formulation strategies.


What this report gives you:

  • A summary of the existing landscape for the First 1000 Days including the role of probiotics, online review growth and leading brands.
  • Country breakdown and data for probiotics including species and pricing, split out to shown data for both probiotics targeted at infants and pregnant / breastfeeding women.
  • Adoption and how probiotics are being cited as a potential support for infant health across the world (Gates Foundation, Nestle Nutrition Institute).
  • Social media analysis: A deeper dive into consumers talking points around the First 1000 Days and where these conversations are taking place (Twitter, blogs, Reddit etc).
  • An examination of the science on probiotics and their impact on a range of health benefits and consumer response. Looks at specific health concerns of the First 1000 Days audience such as immunity, colic, eczema, pregnancy and fertility.
  • Company fact sheets visualising key data for leading companies and brands in this space (BY-Health, BioGaia, i-Health). Includes data points such as prevalence, target population, online engagement, formulation and suppliers.
  • Outlook and recommendations.

Quick facts:

  • Parents and caregivers are playing a bigger role than ever by engaging online and creating a review and ratings culture that has quickly become the ultimate arbiter of product success or failure in one of the most sensitive nutrition sectors. The number of reviews for probiotic products targeting FIRST 1000 DAYS grew by 675% in two years, while creating twice the level of online engagement compared to probiotics for the general population.
  • By-Health, BioGaia and Shanghai Changrun International drive the online engagement for FIRST 1000 DAYS probiotics across 25 countries. Digestion and immunity are the most prominent health areas supported by probiotics, but skin and maternal and infant health are among the fastest growing.
  • 30 species are commonly present in various combinations and dosages in the formulations of bestselling online FIRST 1000 DAYS probiotics, with L. rhamnosus the most popular species, present in over 46% of products.

Preview – 2 slides of 59:


  • Global landscape
  • Social listening analysis
  • Health benefits: Science and consumer response with focus on:
    • Immunity
    • Colic
    • Eczema
    • Pregnancy
    • Fertility
  • First 1000 Days online engagement company fact sheets:
    • BY-Health
    • Biogaia
    • i-Health
  • Regulations
  • Outlook

Got questions about the probiotics market?

We examine the key players, trends and target consumers in over 20 countries, as well as explore how Lumina can help you form a fact-based business strategy.