Sports Nutrition and Probiotics

Published December 2018. This report summarises the use of probiotics in formulations of sports nutrition positioned proteins and performance boosters, in the world of online retail.

In order to give key insights into what drives the market, Lumina Intelligence compiles and synthesises product ingredients, claims, customer review scores, science and regulation in 20 strategic markets, highlighting major product development and brand optimisation opportunities.


What this report gives you:

  • Market analysis for sports nutrition products that contain probiotics in 20 countries.
  • The current online and competitive landscape for these products, including special focuses on countries and brands experiencing engagement with this niche.
  • A deep-dive on the health concerns probiotic sports nutrition products look to address and why this might resonate with their target audience.
  • Specific case studies on brand variants in this niche, their positioning and how much their resonate with target consumers.
  • A closer look at strain diversity including opportunities and promising proprietary strains to watch.
  • Conclusions and recommendations for the future.

Quick facts:

  • Probiotics are present in 15 countries and under 2% of all sports nutrition products captured by Lumina contain probiotics.
  • 4 brand portfolios of the top 25 most reviewed brands have probiotic-containing products. On average, these receive twice the number of reviews than their products with no probiotics.
  • Consumer engagement with plant protein powders doubled, if they were formulated with probiotics. Those targeted towards athletes recorded higher levels of engagement than powders targeting other populations.

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  • Global Picture
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Health Benefits
    • Muscle recovery
    • Immunity
    • Digestability
  • Strain Diversity
  • Conclusions

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