Creating Value at Source with Cocoa Provenance Claims

Published February 2019. Cocoa origin claims on chocolate products are rare and at odds with the main sourcing regions of cocoa. This report proposes a model for companies to promote cocoa sourcing regions through marketing while supporting sustainable development. Discover the most common cocoa origin claims based on research of 1,000+ chocolate products across 20 countries sold online. Also, find out how provenance claims impact price and which chocolate consuming markets make the most cocoa origin claims. This report answers if it is worthwhile for brands to indicate cocoa origin on-pack and online and how farmers can benefit.


What this report gives you:

  • The current state of single origin chocolate and what steps must be taken to create value from it.
  • Key findings that reveal an untapped opportunity to create sustainable origin chocolate tied to cocoa provinces.
  • Data covering claims on-pack by origin country, commodity and blend vs single origin.
  • Pricing data and analysis for chocolate products with origin claims vs those without.
  • Commentary placing this data into the context of the current cocoa landscape.
  • Origins by geography including which countries appear in claims on-pack most compared to cocoa production, how these are positioned in the market, upcoming heritage provinces and the different ways small and big players in cocoa could use single origin claims to add value.
  • An examination of consumer countries including regulation and current trends.
  • Consumer sentiment – do consumers care about origin?
  • Recommendations for businesses looking to add value to their portfolio through cocoa provenance claims.

Quick facts:

  • Products making a cocoa origin claim attract a 51% higher price and higher average star rankings in the growing online retail space.
  • Chocolate products making a cocoa origin claim draw higher average star rankings (4.7 stars) across online retailers in the 20 markets analysed by Lumina than chocolate products with no cocoa origin claims (4.4 stars).
  • Cocoa origin claims on chocolate products are rare and are less prevalent than coffee and tea origin claims, despite consumers wishing to know the origin of products.

Preview – 2 slides of 40:


  • Key findings
  • Origins by geography
  • Markets and regulation
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Recommendations

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