Food & Drink Sustainability 2019 – Global Progress

Published January 2019. How are the food & drink industry responding to some of the most pressing issues facing the planet? Lumina Intelligence has analysed more than 900 commitments made by some of the largest players in food & drink through corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and media releases.

This report reviews how aligned industry pledges are to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The analysis features pledges by manufacturers such as Nestlé, suppliers such as Cargill, food service operators like Starbucks and retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.


What this report gives you:

  • An overview of the food & drink  industry zeitgeist on some of the most pressing issues facing the planet.
  • How the food & drink industry is tackling the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and how well-aligned the industry is to UN’s indicators, corporate reporting guidelines and advice on business reporting.
  • A deep-dive on SDGs particularly pertinent to the food and drink industry (e.g. Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production) with monetary contribution data as well as the expected reach to people and farmers.
  • An analysis of 905 commitments made by some of the largest players in food & drink. Each commitment has been assigned to the most relevant SDG.
  • Recommended actions for the food and beverage industry to achieve lasting impact.

Quick facts:

  • The 34 analysed food & drink companies address environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability with 905 pledges and $26.3bn assured for the UN’s 17 SDGs.
  • Third-party certification standards such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance still dominate industry pledges, but commitments on company-created sustainable sourcing programmes are emerging.
  • Some major players are pulling their weight. Nestlé alone accounts for 10.9% of all pledges, followed by Unilever at 8.3% and Tesco at 5.6%, while some companies have few pledges.

Preview – 11 slides of 21:


  • Scope & Key Findings
  • Commitments Against the UN SDGs
  • Agri-Commodities Update: Cocoa, Coffee & Tea
  • Conclusions

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