Digestion and immunity probiotic supplements in e-commerce

2020 was a game changer for the probiotic industry, with an unprecedented level of consumer activity in the online space, derived from both existing and new consumers. This report summarises consumer and prospect activity around probiotic supplements claiming to support digestion and immunity.

Part one provides a top line market overview of the online engagement of current customers through metrics such as online reviews and star rating. Part two tracks the research new customers are doing online at the pre-purchase stage in search engines like Google. Part 3 features over 130 pages of regional and country-specific infographics to highlight geographical differences in the global development of the probiotic supplement e-commerce.


What this report gives you:

  • Analysis of the online engagement of current customers with the ingredient and label claims information of  2003 products positioned for immunity and/or digestion, encompassing 889 brands and 807 companies. Selected products are bestsellers in the e-commerce space in 25 countries.
  • Leading probiotics manufacturers, brands, probiotic suppliers, species and proprietary strains based on how products resonate with the end user.
  • A summary of how consumers research probiotics online pre-purchase, what this tells us about them and how the pandemic has accelerated or hindered particular trends, with deep-dives on IBS, Constipation, Digestion and Immunity.
  • Top-line infographics for regions (Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe) and per country to better understand regional nuances.
  • Outlook and future recommendations for probiotics positioned for immunity and/or digestion, through the lens of both consumer post-purchase engagement and pre-purchase online research.

Quick facts:

  • With 1,797 digestion and 997 immunity products captured by Lumina across the e-commerce channels, corresponding to 40% and 22% of all products in December 2020, digestion and immunity are two most developed probiotic supplement categories by health benefit. They appeal to a broad range of wellness consumers.
  • H&H Group is the global leader by reviews, with its China –developed Biostime. Jiangsu Qingyankang Biology Technology comes second in digestion whilst BY-Health comes second in immunity and third in digestion.
  • On the supplier side, probiotic supplements containing DuPont’s proprietary strains have been the most reviewed, followed by CellBiotech and Chr Hansen. In fact, across the global e-commerce, digestion and immunity-positioned probiotics formulated with proprietary strains have become more engaging and satisfying compared to these with generic strains.
  • Analysing the online searches related to the microbiome and probiotics, it is clear that new consumers are building their awareness and understanding of probiotics. Chronic conditions related to digestion such as IBS and constipation are industry leaders in terms of search volume, beaten only by weight management.

Preview – 2 slides of 194:


  • Prevalence of and engagement with digestion and immunity-positioned probiotic supplements – Global overview
  • Competitive landscape by:
    • Brand owners
    • Brands
    • Probiotics suppliers
  • Species
    • Prevalence vs engagement
    • Proprietary strains
  • Target populations
    • Prevalence vs engagement
    • Proprietary strains
  • Target populations
    • Prevalence vs engagement
    • Engagement impact factors
  • Health claims
    • Prevalence of and ingredient source of claim
    • On pack vs on website claims
  • Online search trends analysis to better understand new consumers
  • Outlook
  • Regional infographics
  • Country infographics

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