Probiotics for children – Strategic Product Roadmap Fact Sheets

Published August 2020. Lumina Intelligence has captured 276 probiotics targeted towards children in 25 countries. This report provides a top line e-commerce landscape overview of probiotics for children through a range of strategic fact sheets.  It includes regional analysis by brand owners, species and probiotic suppliers, complemented by related scientific studies.  A part of a series of five reports analysing probiotics by target population to support strategic product roadmap planning.


What this report tells you:

  • An analysis of the global competitive e-commerce landscape for probiotics targeted at children.
  • Regional developments in consumer engagement across the leading:
    • Brand owners, brands and products ranked by the number of customer reviews and star rating attributed to the products.
    • Species and proprietary strains present in formulations of analysed probiotics.
    • Probiotic suppliers
    • Health benefits.

Quick facts:

  • Probiotics for children generate the highest average engagement across all target populations across the online consumers, with the number of customer reviews surging globally by 1,253% in 2 years to 1.4 million.
  • Asia Pacific is the epicentre of this growth, providing the most diverse product offering and generating the highest customer engagement.
  • Probiotics for children underperform in Americas. The engagement is driven by those supporting inner ear, nose and throat. There is a clear opportunity to focus on products with explicit constipation, bloating and immunity claims, as these are rated higher.
  • European consumers are not particularly vocal online, despite access to a diverse product range, but overall there is a high product satisfaction score from the consumers who had posted their reviews across the e-tailer sites. Encouraging the online exchange is key to success in European e commerce.

Preview – 3 slides of 36:


  • Global Overview
  • Asia Pacific
  • Americas & International
  • Europe & Middle East and Africa
  • Scientific Studies – Review

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