Kombucha – a drink with a mission

This report examines the rise and expected trajectory of the fermented beverage kombucha. The dynamic US market has been pinpointed as the driving force behind the kombucha craze, but there is plenty of local variation in other markets feeding and cross-fertilising innovation across the globe.


What this report gives you:

  • An overview of the global kombucha market including product removals.
  • What factors are driving demand for kombucha, who the target market is and how consumer search for the beverage has evolved.
  • Social media overview – how is kombucha discussed on social channels and in what context? Which channel dominates the online conversation? How do consumers talk about kombucha in relation to probiotics and the microbiome?
  • Consumer engagement data for kombucha products including a comparison with other categories in the probiotics space, how engagement has changed over the last two years and country breakdown.
  • The world’s highest rated kombucha brands with case studies on Kombucha Wonder Drink, Yogi Tea Kombucha and Kombucha+Kouso.
  • Health claims overview: Which ingredients kombucha health claims are based on, the most common claims and which attract the most consumer engagement.
  • Trends to watch and future outlook.

Quick facts:

  • Our research shows that, on a global level, consumer reviews of kombucha products have grown enormously between December 2017 and January 2020, taking a leap of 484% to reach close to eight thousand.
  • The US, being the most dynamic market for kombucha innovation, generated by far the most reviews. Review growth in the US remained fairly stable compared to markets like South Africa and Spain, where the volume of reviews leapt up considerably over the review period.
  • Kombucha brands leading the pack in terms of consumer engagement include Kombucha Wonder Drink (2582 total reviews), Yogi Tea (1240 total reviews) and Tenwow (557 total reviews).

Preview – 3 slides of 44:


  • What is kombucha and what drives demand?
  • Online engagement is key
  • The world’s top reviewed & rated kombucha brands
  • What claims are kombucha products making?
  • Trends to watch
  • Outlook

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