Eating Out Panel

Lumina Intelligence’s UK Eating Out Panel tracks the behaviour of 6,000 nationally-representative consumers each month, building up to a sample of 72,000 every year, across all eating out channels and day-parts (including snacking). Our insight team validate and analyse all data to provide you with a clear picture of current consumer behaviour, drivers of change and key perceptions.

This subscription includes

  • Who: demographics analysis, across all eating out channels
  • Where: brand awareness and visit choices
  • Why: factors in selecting an eating out channel and brand over another
  • What: consumption patterns and details of food & drink items
  • How much: frequency and spending patterns across day parts over time
  • How good: satisfaction rankings based on analysis of KPIs, Net Promoter Scores, market shares and revisit rankings for individual brands
  • Available as individual reports, annual digital subscription or bespoke analysis reports

Insight Solutions

  • Keep track of consumer behaviour with a monthly dashboard, highlighting performance by day-part in terms of consumer frequency, average spend, leading channels visited and most popular dishes consumed
  • Understand the evolution of consumer behaviour with 100+ pages of quarterly analysis on the key trends identified from MCA’s UK Eating Out panel
  • Examine specific consumer behaviour by running your own queries from MCA’s UK Eating Out Panel data. Selecting the desired timeframe and/or channel/brand, dive deep into:
    • Participation levels
    • Visit share performance
    • Spends by channel and day-part
    • Category performance changes
    • Brand and competitor performance
    • Customer profiles and satisfaction

Discover the difference our Eating Out Panel can make to your business.