Delivery systems for probiotic supplements

Published April 2018. Delivery systems are increasingly a key competitive differentiator as the market for probiotic supplements becomes more saturated. Those which are being successful have managed to differentiate themselves from competitors in the eyes of manufacturers and brands. However, if delivery systems are going to influence consumer preference and move beyond a compelling business-to-business proposition, greater investment in consumer education is needed.

This report focuses on delivery of viable organisms to optimal locations in the body as, over the last decade, viability during manufacture and viability during time on the shelf has been overcome reasonably well by manufactures in the supplement marketplace.


What this report tells you:

  • Why delivery systems are becoming important for probiotic supplements and how many product presently mention delivery systems in general or a particular technology.
  • An overview of delivery systems which outlines their key benefits with profiles of particular technologies including BIO-tract, Delayed Response Capsules, DRcaps capsules, Lyophilized Probiotics Bacteria and Microencapsulation.
  • How existing products market delivery benefits without calling out a particular system.
  • A side-by-side comparison of delivery systems in 20 countries including prominence, breakdown of specific technologies in each country and a closer look at the US and South Korea.
  • The formulation of products that claim a particular delivery system. This include detail on colony forming units (CFU), minimum daily dose, strain diversity and health positioning.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Quick facts:

  • Over 400 products carry claims pertaining to probiotic viability, out of that 280 products claim a specific technology.
  • Delivery systems for probiotics are present in the variety of supplement formats being marketed today, including capsules, softgels and tablets, among others.
  • Delivery systems is still a B2B tool, with phrases such as “arrive alive” and “acid resistant capsule” resonating more with consumers.

Preview – 2 slides of 37:


  • Global picture
  • Leading and novel delivery systems
  • Country focus
  • Choice of strains, health positioning and delivery systems
  • Conclusions

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