Growing consumer awareness of probiotics and their functional health benefits has led to considerable expansion in the global probiotics market. It is vital to keep track of scientific breakthroughs, regulation and proprietary ingredients in order to make successful business decisions. Our data includes probiotic supplements, juice, cosmetics and kombucha – capturing 900 brands and over 2000 brand variants from 20 countries.

5 million reviews
Taken from leading online retailers and manufacturers' eCommerce platforms.
900+ brands
Data from over 900 brands and over 2,000 brand variants.
40+ species
Captured in our data, with a further deep-dive into proprietary strains.
Product data
Including dosage, delivery technologies, clean label and more.

Did you know?

South Korea highly engaged

When China is excluded, South Korea dominates the online review space with 188k reviews collected from the country.

Key areas

After digestion and immunity, women’s health is the 3rd key area globally for probiotic supplements, presenting massive opportunity.

Gluten free
Soy free
Dairy free
Sugar free

US 77% Gluten Free

77% of captured probiotic supplements in the US are free from gluten, further demonstrating the rising popularity of free from products.

Source: Lumina Intelligence, Q4 2018. Probiotic categories include: supplements, kombucha, probiotic juice and cosmetics. ‘Global’ refers to data collected from 20 countries over 5 continents.


The Microbiome Through the Life Stages: Life Stage Probiotics in a Digital World. The terrain for developing and marketing probiotics is changing fast. Research into the human microbiome and how its impact on health varies over the course of a lifetime is revolutionising the therapeutic applications of probiotics…

Market Insight

May 2019

Microbiome diversity through the life stages

Simone Baroke

As scientific insight into the workings of the human microbiome advances, the whole new universe of targeted manipulation aimed at achieving specific health outcomes opens up. The tool kit for this, which comprises pre, pro, and post-biotics, is expanding. This report highlights emerging opportunities, such as risk reduction of developing childhood eczema before the child is born, pushing sporting performance to new heights and reaching a triple-figure life expectancy while remaining active and free from disease. It also evaluates consumer satisfaction with currently available life-stage probiotics.

Simone Baroke

May 2019

Probiotics for skin health, eczema, allergies & more

Shane Starling

Knowledge around the way nutritional inputs affect the skin microbiome is rapidly advancing and this body of evidence is helping shape diverse and expanding probiotics for skin markets globally. Lumina’s 20 country survey of online offerings found approximately 120 probiotic topical cosmetic products and about 25 orally ingested probiotic food supplements targeted at those with allergies, eczema or other skin irritations including acne. In our report on ‘skinbiotics’ we get under the skin of probiotic cosmetics and ingestible probiotics to find a thriving market full of opportunity to grow.

Shane Starling

Ewa Hudson interview at Food Ex 2018

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