Microsoft Power BI embedded in Lumina platform plus interactive dashboards

Interact with data visualisations without leaving the Lumina Intelligence platform...

Recently we have embedded online interactive dashboards into the Lumina Intelligence platform, meaning that users can interact with the data and visuals, without needing to download Power BI onto their computer.

Dashboards are available to our probiotics, sports nutrition and sustainability subscribers. They allow users to interact with the data and charts exactly as they would be able to in Microsoft Power BI. This includes hovering over graphics to get exact figures and filtering data using dropdowns or sliders.

Probiotic cosmetics 2019 dashboard

Each dashboard has an introduction tab, which explains what is in the data file, what you can expect to learn and how to use the data file to get exactly the information you want. 

Health benefits intro page

Dashboards: Examples

Each dashboard focuses on a certain area – find below just a few subjects per market covered in existing Lumina dashboards. 


  • Probiotics Cosmetics 2019
  • Probiotic ingredients and suppliers

Sports Nutrition

  • Botanicals overview
  • Health benefits overview


  • Consumer sentiment to product positionings
  • Organic claims analysis

Special topic dashboards

For sports nutrition subscribers we’ve rolled out an exciting new feature: Special topic  dashboards.      

Looking for an overview of a specific ingredient? A health benefit? Then these dashboards are ideal for selecting the exact information you want be it a particular country, ingredient sub-category, brand owner and more. 

Health benefits pricing

Each dashboard is also split into tabs, which often (but not always) include:

  • Country overview
  • Country reviews
  • Country star ratings
  • Brand overview
  • Brand reviews
  • Brand star rating
  • Brand variant overview
  • Target population overview

On these introduction tabs, you will also have the option to filter the report by a particular ingredient, health benefit or commodity – the rest of the report then specialises to the attribute selected. This allows you to find review growth and trends, product types, most common formats etc for your selected attribute.

Intro page special topic

Special topic dashboards: Examples

  • Protein Ingredients
  • Health Benefits
  • Botanicals


If you’re an existing Lumina Intelligence subscriber you can log in here and start using our dashboards straight away. If you’re interested in learning more about dashboards and acquiring a Lumina Intelligence subscription please contact our Head of Sales Andrew Maitland on +44(0)1293 846659 or email 

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